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Seshan Brothers' Projects

by Sanjay and Arvind Seshan

This page is for projects for which we have building instructions and/or code files to share. You are welcome to reproduce or improve on any of these project for your own, non-commercial use. Please credit Sanjay and Arvind Seshan for the design and code.

PIX3L PLOTT3R: A dot-matrix printer built using LEGO Mindstorms EV3. There are many different versions of this project. Some are programmed in Python, but most are programmed in EV3-G. Some require LEGO Markers, but others are designed for readily available markers. SCRIB3 is made with just one 31313 set. Choose the project that fits your needs. Project Files

EV3D Pi.G Print3r: A LEGO MINDSTORMS 3D Printer that uses an inexpensive 3D printing pen. This printer accepts G-Code files. The EV3 is programmed in standard EV3-G. Pre-processing of the G-Code is done in Python. Project files coming soon

COLOR CATCH3R: A LEGO MINDSTORMS multiplayer game. Project Files

GUESS MY COD3: A LEGO MINDSTORMS version of the classic game of MASTERMIND Project files coming soon

M3MORY GAM3: An electronic version of the popular memory game built using EV3s. This is a multi-EV3 project that involves rotating titles. Players have to remember where they saw a particular LEGO piece and then turn the correct tiles to create a match. The game board can be replaced with new tiles when needed. Code File

VOT3R Booth: An electronic voting booth. Code File V.1 , Code File V.2 (Icecream)

M3LODY MAKER: A musical robot. This EV3 uses the color sensor to read long strips of paper with notes on them. Each color corresponds to a note. Code File V.1

DROIDBOT JR: A training robot built with parts from the 31313 set for use with all our lessons on LDD

DROIDBOT 2.0: A training robot built designed to be used with all the lessons on LDD